Kidney – Infection, Stones, Tumour, Congenital problems like UPJ obstruction, cyst

Ureter – Stones, Sticture, Infection like TB, Ureterocele, Megaureter, Vesicoureteric reflux

Bladder – Infection, Stone, Tumour, Diverticulum, Neurogenic bladder, Incontinence.

Prostate – Benign enlargement of prostate, Prostatitis, Cancer of Prostate

Urethra – Posterior urethral valve, Stricture urethra, Meatal stenosis

Testis – Infection, Torsion, Hydrocele, Cancer of testis

Penis – Fracture of penis, Peyronies disease, Deviation or Rotation of Penis, Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Male Infertility

Certain disorders in females like incontinence of urine, Urogynaecological Fistulas, Female Sexual Dysfunction and Recurrent Urinary tract infections.

Kidney Failure due to stones or obstruction, creation of AV fistulas.

Kidney transplant

Renovascular hypertension

Injuries of Genitourinary tract

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